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Diversity, Equity, and

Attracting, developing and sustaining diverse leadership is a proven phenomenon in advancing smarter decision making that leads to better outcomes for your business.


The notion of diversity embraces differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, geography and age, but more importantly it encourages differences in perception and thought. Wurster Partners realizes the definition of diversity can differ by geography, culture, industry and company. When working with our firm, clients gain unmatched access to a highly diverse candidate pool. We work diligently to follow the career progression, interests and expertise of highly sought-after prospects, drawing on thorough research into leading companies and targeted professional associations.

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is to explore the issues through an ongoing global dialogue with clients and prestigious academic, philanthropic, community and professional organizations who are committed to advancing access to those that are underrepresented. We are equally committed to upholding and fulfilling this guiding principle ourselves. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Corporate Governance Advisory

Wurster Partners has a dedicated practice to corporate governance and board consulting. We provide board counsel and recruitment, partnering with a specified group of clients, from large and multi-faceted corporations to entrepreneurial, venture-backed organizations, helping them strengthen their board structure and improve overall performance.


We are careful to look for directors who can operate effectively in a group, provide synergy for the rest of the team, and keep in mind the broader interests of the company and its stakeholders.Whether a board is in need of a financial expert to head an audit committee, is facing particular strategic challenges or is seeking directors from diverse backgrounds, our consultants are well equipped to meet the challenge. We have unmatched access to potential directors with detailed information on their careers, availability, interests and conflicts. Our personal relationships with directors are complemented by a powerful database containing information on prospective candidates.

Corporate Governance Advisory

Digital Transformation

Nearly every industry is in the midst of significant digital disruption as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where, and when content and information is consumed.


We help our clients face the leadership challenges of industry innovation... And how to benefit from it. Through our deep topical proficiency and a wealth of cross-functional digital talent knowledge, we separate facts from hype and help clients succeed in identifying, assessing and selecting digital leadership capability across the enterprise. Our Digital Transformation Practice focuses on the specific disciplines that are critical to digital innovation and effectiveness,




  • Corporate Directors

  • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Marketing and CRM

  • Big Data and Analytics

  • Digital Media and Content

Digital Transformation

Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality and leisure industry has evolved as a result of the continued globalization of the world economies, development of emerging markets, expansion into new jurisdictions, and increased interest in travel.


Our clients' interests encompass hotels, resorts, restaurants and resort / casino entertainment destinations. Our expertise includes search experience and deep market knowledge not just locally or regionally, but globally. We offer specialized functional expertise across the following sub-markets within hospitality and leisure:

  • Hotel and Resort Operators / Managers

  • Hotel and Casino REITs

  • Gambling Resorts and Casinos

  • Hotel and Resort Development

  • Restaurants (Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Quick Service, Specialty Eateries)

Our consultants have conducted hundreds of senior-level executive assignments for clients that include the world’s leading gaming, hotel and restaurant operators. In addition, our Hospitality & Leisure Practice crosses all leadership disciplines, including marketing strategy and brand management, technology and digital innovation, entertainment, hotel and resort operations, casino management, food and beverage operations, revenue management, finance, legal, governmental affairs and compliance, human resources, people management and labor relations, and resort master-planning and development.

Hospitality & Leisure
Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Our Media & Entertainment Practice is focused on finding strong

and creative leadership.

We are industry experts who have established relationships across all areas of the global media platform, along with firsthand knowledge of the industry and a deep understanding of the ever changing new media channels. We identify flexible and forward-thinking executives with strong commercial and strategic skills, solid innovative capabilities, and the ability to effectively lead evolving companies in a rapidly changing and competitive market. We strive to assist some of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses as well as many of the more established traditional media companies to enhance their leadership. We understand the nuances involved in pursuing traditional versus evolutionary change, and its talent choice ramifications. Our deep understanding of the business spreads across all media verticals, especially where content intersects with consumer interests and behavior.


Areas of specific expertise include:

  • Film and Television

  • Broadcasting

  • Video Gaming

  • Agency

  • Publishing

  • Music

  • New and Social Media

Sports Entertainment

Sports Entertainment has evolved into a complex, multi-billion dollar

business - from professional athletes and sports agents to team owners and stadium operators.


The sports business requires leaders with the ability to operate and manage while focusing on long-term strategy. We often look outside the core industry sector of the sports business for executives who not only possess a passion for sports entertainment, but who also have a broad business acumen and the financial skills needed to manage a complex consumer business. Our consultants, who are deeply-versed in a variety of entertainment industries, offer expertise across a broad array of sub-sector focus within the sports entertainment market.

These Groups Include

  • Professional Leagues

  • Secondary Leagues

  • Sports Agencies and Management

  • University Athletic Programs

  • Motor Sports

  • Associations

Sports Entertainment
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